Cotton Canvas Sleeping Bag

Cotton Canvas Sleeping Bag
Brand: Oztrail
Product Code: SBA-BBA-A
Availability: 3 - 10 Days
Price: $239.95
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A sleeping bad designed to keep you protect from the elements and with its added features it performs above and beyond.

• EXOTHERM® Extreme Fill - a high quality hollow fibre that has had its surface area increased dramatically by two processes; firstly the fibres are crimped so they have a powerful lofting ability, secondly the fibres are twisted together in pairs offering even more surface area to trap warm air. The result is a high loft fill that captures a large volume of warm air and restricts its movement offering remarkable insulation.
• 8.5oz cotton canvas outer
• Flannel lined inner
• Performance temperature rating -12 degrees
• Cotton liner
• Draught tubes over zips
• Eziglide™ zip guard
• Chest collar
• Canvas carry bag
• Swag straps


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